Streamline work, increase equipment uptime, reduce rework and remotely upskill workers.

Remote Mentor

The need for skilled labor in heavy industry has never been more acute. Experienced technicians are reaching retirement age, and in many industries there is a shortage of younger employees while new recruitment can’t keep pace and significant technical knowledge gaps result. Remote Mentor provides an advanced technology solution to these challenging labor problems.

Document Navigator

Most of the world’s technical documentation exists today in PDF and represents an enormous investment in information. When accessed by technicians in the field or in manufacturing operations, whether on paper, a PC or a tablet, performing the job at hand while going back and forth to the document is a challenge. Document Navigator is an industrial hands-free head mounted solution that improves worker efficiency, safety and document usability in tough field conditions.

Work Instructions

Work instructions are moving from paper manuals to digital formats, yet for the industrial workforce accessing this information is still problematic. RealWear’s hands-free head mounted tablets allow workers to view instructions as text, images, video clips, diagrams, animations and 3D models, navigate through them step by step with voice commands, all while keeping the job in their direct line of sight.

IIoT Data Visualization

IIoT (also known as Industry 4.0) addresses equipment downtime and industrial worker productivity. Typical smartphone and tablet solutions require the use of both hands and have limited display resolution for dashboard display of multiple data items. With RealWear’s HMT-1 the industrial worker can easily drill down through the information hierarchy with voice commands, even while operating tools or equipment.

Mobile Forms

Business processes in industrial field work are driven by a multitude of forms, filled out by field workers before, during and after a job. While mobile forms applications have been deployed on smart phones and tablets, the need to use both hands means putting down tools and taking the eyes off the job. With RealWear HMT-1, workers benefit from rugged hands-free operation streamlining workflow for form completion while improving efficiency and increasing safety.