“We are here to ensure you are prepared with the right training & resources to successfully deploy this new technology into the workplace.​​​”

Kristen Naeini
Director of Training, RealWear

HMT-1 Training Programs – The Best Way to Connect Your Workforce

RealWear is an end to end comprehensive hands-free platform.  We offer End User, Train the Trainer, Developer Academy, and more.  To unlock the full potential of hands free in your business, sign up for our training classes to learn how to effectively deploy and operate the devices to maximize your business productivity and reduce downtime. Wearable integration is more than new gear. It requires user adoption and change management techniques to unlock the potential.

RealWear has a proven track record of developing successful training curriculum to ensure your success, increase safety, compliance, and improve ROI.

Training Services start as low as $250 USD.

Why Choose RealWear’s Training Programs?

  • Training materials are already prepared for faster setup
  • Trainers are highly experienced and skilled with devices
  • Trainings have a proven track record with with high ratings
  • Shown to accelerate and expand deployments

End User Trainings

RealWear facilitated live trainings are aimed to ensure your HMT users are prepared with the right training and resources to successfully incorporate this new technology into the workplace. Training classes are facilitated by our Director of Training, with the partnership of local language support if necessary. Conducted in a remote, hands-on setting with an optimal group size of 20 or less. Classes can be purchased à la carte by course.

Course Breakdown

HMT-101 Getting Started

  • Basic Device Training:
  • Product Introduction
  • Hardware Overview
  • Device Fitting & Mounting
  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Global Voice Commands
  • Photos/Videos
  • Accessing Files
  • RW Companion
  • Getting Connected

Approx. 60 minutes

HMT 102- Advanced User

  • Power Users:
  • Advanced Settings & Controls
  • File Management
  • Realwear Explorer
  • Software Maintenance

Approx. 30 minutes

HMT 201- Solution Course

  • Third Party Application:
  • Log in/Sign off Process
  • File Management
  • Software UI/Menu
  • Feature Walk Thru
  • First Time Use: Completing the intended
  • Work task from A-Z

Approx. 30 minutes

Train the Trainer Program

The Train the Trainer program enables a select group internal company trainers to become fully educated on the RealWear HMT solution + capable of training others. A two-day program offering three total hours of workshop activities, followed by a knowledge test and individual teach back validation sessions (scheduled for 30 min. per person). Content and agenda will be custom built based on the companies needs, device configuration and solution. Conducted in a remote, hands-on setting with an optimal group size of 8 or less.

Learn how to deploy enterprise wearables at scale with RealWear Training

Developer Academy – Learn to Develop Apps for HMT-1

This remote event is offered every six weeks, open to customers and companies worldwide. Aimed for software developers wanting to learn how to develop hands-free apps optimized for RealWear headsets.
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