Getting Started with Release 10

Why Upgrade to Release 10


RealWear is focused on improving safety and productivity for everyone who uses our industrial wearables. HMT Release 10 includes several features that improve usability, which will enhance productivity and safety even further.

If you want to increase worker productivity while enhancing their safety, you need to upgrade to HMT Release 10.



Cybersecurity and data protection are of the utmost importance. This is why we included an upgrade to Android 8.1 OS in HMT Release 10. Just as we prioritize the physical safety of your workers, we also value the safety of your data.

Upgrade to HMT Release 10 to be sure your RealWear industrial wearables have the most current cybersecurity features.


Camera System

Our camera system allows industrial workers to get the job done faster, easily document their work for future training, and gives remote experts real-time “eyes in the field.” HMT Release 10 includes updates to our camera system that make RealWear an even better solution for industrial environments. And all these new camera system features can be accessed by remembering our core philosophy: “Say What You See.”

If you want your workers to have the most advanced camera system coupled with a wearable tough tablet, you need to upgrade to HMT Release 10.


Follow this link for instructions on how to upgrade to HMT Release 10.