Getting Started with Release 10

Upgrading your HMT to Release 10

All HMTs ever sold are upgradeable to Release 10, free of charge.

It is best to check with your IT team to ensure your apps will operate correctly with Android 8.1.

Before you start the upgrade process we strongly advise the following:

• Check with your sys admin, IT department, or device administrator before installing

• Review the list of our software vendor partners that support Release 10

• Back up your device.


To update, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your device is turned on and connected to the Internet.

2. Say “NAVIGATE HOME” to get to the home screen, then “MY PROGRAMS”, then “WIRELESS UPDATE”.

3. If “CHECK FOR UPDATES” appears, say that command and the device will search for the upgrade file.

4. When “DOWNLOAD” appears, say that command. Download progress will show on screen.

5. When the download completes say “INSTALL NOW” and follow the on screen instructions.

6. The device will take a few minutes to unpack and install the update.  When complete it will return to the home page.