Hands-Free Solutions for Smart Factories

Enable Line Workers with Secure Hands-Free Collaboration

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Smart factories focus on accelerating the assembly of products from supplier to shipping, reducing errors and ramping up production to meet growing global demand. Digital transformation through IoT, AI and Connected Workers will enable your workforce to work safely and effectively, shoulder-to-shoulder with collaborative robots, and deliver tangible return-on-investment. 

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

SLA Fulfilment


Low situational awareness results in slow response. Technicians have difficulty meeting aftermarket SLA’s with a geographically distributed customer base, which triggers costly penalties.


Turn the customer into your field diagnostic team by calling customer support with video instead of voice. Technicians improve efficiency and accuracy by using the voice-activated HMT-1 with remote mentor solutions to: connect hands free with Product Quality Engineers (PQEs), capture images and videos, playback training videos, refer to manuals, and more.



When production stops due to machine failure, on-site technicians need assistance immediately to resume production. However, the expert for this machine may be located in a different city, state, or country.


Through peer-to-peer video collaboration on the HMT-1, experts can provide assistance by telestrating remotely to pin-point the exact issue – even in high-noise environments. Hands-free communication permits technicians the use of tools to operate machines.

Secure Docs


Workers do not have the latest knowledge for manufacturing operations, including machine installation, inspection, and maintenance procedures. Paper copies are kept in binders adjacent to the manufacturing lines for reference by operators, but these are cumbersome and pose a security risk.


Document navigator and single sign-on (SSO) allows documents to be securely synced to HMT devices. Operators simply scan a QR code on a machine and are brought directly to the correct document to address their issue. Files are then remotely wiped when security credentials are revoked.

Hands-Free Computing Key Benefits

• IP66 rated /Drop proof /Dust Proof

• Explosion Proof (intrinsically safe model only)

• 8-10 hour battery life (hot swappable for HMT-1 only)

• Install virtually any Android application

• Large ecosystem of remote mentor applications

• Drive process compliance and quality

• Lower time to access information

• Use hands-free while wearing gloves

• Workaround to travel restrictions

• Maintain situational awareness

• Bring knowledge to operator at the exact moment of need

Solution Specific HMT Accessories

Communicating in a manufacturing plant can be challenge. Watch as Team RealWear visits a Harley dealership for a face-off between an iPhone and RealWear’s head-mounted Android device, testing noise cancellation while remotely collaborating and running a ten-point inspection of a Harley bike.

Watch specialists from Washington based Seaport Steel use the RealWear HMT-1 to aid work in steel cutting, inspections, and machine maintenance and troubleshooting. The Messer Group’s solution, compatible on the RealWear HMT-1 and other wearable technology or smart glasses, allows a user to navigate their device with voice commands to speed up digital workflow in field maintenance.

We can help you deploy hands free solutions for Manufacturing.