Hands-Free Solutions for Field Services

Improve Safety, Productivity and Compliance with Secure Hands-Free, Voice-Enabled Collaboration

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Take intelligent field services to new dimensions through RealWear’s Connected Worker Program for Field Services. Leverage service billing, standard reports, inventory management, and real-time routing and scheduling. With RealWear Intelligent Field Services, you can outfit your crew and connect to big data and AI to increase productivity and reduce errors by over 30% while increasing safety.

Field Services



Field service is fraught with dangerous situations as electrical equipment and heavy machinery; all have the potential to cause injury. Low situational awareness further amplifies safety hazards.


Full voice control of the HMT enables hands-free picture taking, access to electronic work orders, and real-time video calls with dispatch centers. Field service workers maintain full situational awareness as they complete their tasks in hazardous and dynamic environments.



Geographically dispersed field workers need to perform maintenance work in potentially hazardous situations and require immediate remote support and visualization of real-time IoT data of specific assets.


Field workers can reference technical documents, collect and visualize data, as well as contact support all while performing manual tasks. This leads to better decision making and improved efficiency, with time savings upwards of 200%.



Field workers must provide documentation of what they did and when for their customers. Without records of equipment maintenance or installation procedures, for example, non-compliance may lead to heavy penalties and closure.


Field service workers can take still images and videos for substantiation, inspection, safety, and quality for improved compliance. Preset workflows enable the creation of digital logs which ensure every step is completed in the right sequence and saved for future use.

Hands-Free AR on HMT-1 Voice-Operated Rugged Tablet Transforms Utility Field Workers

Hands-Free Computing Key Benefits

• Drive process compliance and work quality

• Improve safety and decrease work-related accidents

• Use hands-free while wearing gloves

• Workaround to travel restrictions

• Increase speed of knowledge transfer to field worker

• IP66 rated /Drop proof /Dust Proof

• Explosion Proof (intrinsically safe model only)

• 8-10 hour battery life (hot swappable for HMT-1 only)

• Install virtually any Android application

• Large ecosystem of remote mentor applications

Solution Specific HMT Accessories

Watch as Rail Cargo Group technicians perform inspection of rail cars by controlling the HMT in conjunction with OverIT’s Space1 solution with just voice commands, freeing both hands for the procedure. The inspector can use the HMT to call a supervisor and provide them with a first-person video feed of the safety inspection.

Ferry Electric, a full-service electrical contracting business, has been using the RealWear HMT-1 out in the field. In this video they share the benefits they have experienced from using this wearable rugged Android tablet for maintenance, repair, and operations.

Watch as Manitoba Hydro International leverages the VisualSpection Augmented Reality platform to deliver improved efficiency and safety for utility fieldworkers.

We can help you deploy hands free solutions for Field Services.