1. Position the display pod for use with your dominant eye. TIP: To determine your dominant eye, target a distant object through a small opening formed using your two hands. The eye you most naturally use is dominant. A quick web search will yield many instructions on how to determine your dominant eye, or you can check out our user manual here.
  2. Rotate the Boom Arm. The Boom Arm can be adjusted with six degrees of freedom. This means that you can rotate the boom arm using the shoulder and elbow joints to adjust display position as well as for left or right usage and storage.
  3. Adjust the Overhead Strap. Adjust the Overhead Strap such that HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 rests horizontally, slightly above the tops of your ears.
  4. Position the Display Pod below your line of sight. Position the Display Pod just below your line of sight, about an inch from your eye. Using the display should be like looking at the dashboard of a car.