Our devices are designed for hands-free work, so the User Interface (UI) is based on a combination of speech commands and head movements. To navigate a page, simply speak aloud the text you see on the screen. For instance, from the Home Screen, say ‘My Programs’ to open the My Programs screen. From here, you can either speak the name of the desired application to select, or say ‘Select Item #’, ‘#’ representing the number visible beside the object. For example, if an app has the number ‘2’ beside it, select that item by saying ‘Select Item 2’.

When in question, you can always say ‘Show Help’ to display a list of available Global Speech Commands:

  1. “Navigate Home” returns you to the Home Screen.
  2. “Navigate Back” returns you to the previous screen.
  3. “My Controls” opens the My Controls panel, where you can access WiFi networks, Bluetooth, Flashlight, toggle SD Card settings and more.
  4. “Mute Microphone” – Mutes the HMT-1 microphones. To re-enable the microphones, tap the Action Button, located beside the Power Button on the boom arm side of the device.
  5. “Recent Applications” – Displays all open applications. You can cycle through open applications by using the Page Down/Page Up commands. You can say ‘Select Item #’ or ‘Dismiss Item #’ to open or force stop applications respectively. You can also speak the name of an open application in view to bring to focus, or say ‘Dismiss All’ to force stop all open applications.