HMT-1 can be connected to RealWear Explorer (RWExplorer) using the USB-C to Micro USB adapter included in the box. HMT-1Z1 must use the IS Micro USB cable included in the box. Connect the adapted cable to the Micro USB port. With the device connected, you can easily side- load applications, customize WearML and mirror the HMT-1 display pod onto your desktop for multiple viewers.

If you are having an issue connecting to RWExplorer, make sure you are using the included USB cable and adapter.If RWExplorer is still ‘Waiting for Headset to Connect…’ and you are on a PC, you may need to install the ADB Driver. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On you desktop computer go to
  2. Download the ADB Driver Installer
  3. Connect HMT-1 to your computer with the USB-C cable AND Micro USB adapter
  4. Run the installer and follow the steps to complete the installation
  5. Launch RWExplorer

If on a Mac and seeing the same issue, please double check that you are using the proper cable.

For additional issues or concerns, contact