HMT-1 Only:
When your HMT-1 battery is running low and you are in the middle of a job, the HMT-1 has been designed to have a hot-swappable battery so you don’t skip a beat. This means that when you swap out the drained battery with a fully charged battery, you are not losing any information and the device temporarily stays on.

  • This step is available in firmware versions 8.09-C and higher* 
    To swap the HMT-1 battery without doing a full power cycle: 
    From the Home Screen, say:
  1. My Programs
  2. Power Manager
  3. Swap Battery
  4. Start Swap

The screen will go dark, and the device will enter Hot Swap mode, relying on the internal reserve battery and allowing you to swap the battery without losing application state or progress. Remove the battery from the rear compartment and replace, securing the battery cap and rear flap into place. When the battery is secure, tap the power button ONCE. This will return you to the Power Manager screen, where you can Navigate Home or Navigate Back to get right back to work. 
NOTE: HMT-1Z1 Battery is not hot-swappable