Introducing a major OS, firmware and UX upgrade
for RealWear HMT-1

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HMT Release 10

RealWear Logo

HMT Release 10


Android 8

Hands free. Eyes forward.




What You Need to Know to Upgrade

The Most Trusted OS Platform for Your Industrial Hands-Free Experience.



The only software purpose-built for harsh or dangerous environments, where workers use their hands for more connected and secure work.

Improve your overall experience with new functionality and faster results.

RealWear Ready Launch Partners

Certified Solution Partners for HMT Release 10

A comprehensive, end-to-end overhaul, improving usability, look and feel, security, and includes an entirely new and improved camera system.

My Camera Take Photo




More granular control resulting in faster turnaround for visual verification and inspection.

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Enhanced Usability

Redesigned user interface, keyboard and file management system, focused on ease of use and productivity.

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Fortified Security with Android 8.1 OS

Android 8.1 OS upgrade with regular security patches and software updates, and additional remote management.

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Camera System

Camera features designed for productivity and performance in industrial environments.

When safety and compliance on the frontline matters most

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HMT Release 10 lays the groundwork for RealWear Foresight Cloud Services

Foresight Screen

HMT-1 Side v1 1920px

Improving your overall hands-free experience while keeping you securely connected to the data in your cloud.

Core Functions


Operating System

Android 8.1

Smart Camera System

My Camera App 2.0



Enhanced UI

The new UI utilizes head movement for easy scrolling left to right. The new My Controls menu and speech keyboard allow the user to look left or right and make selections using their voice.

Improved user experience with better screen layout and colors and a more consistent philosophy overall design.
Better access to core Android capabilities such as Notifications.


Better leverage head gestures when doing so is more effective than voice commands.


White label design can be branded just for your business needs.

My Files

• Browse through high volumes of files with better sorting capability
• Completely redesigned user interface
• Locate files faster than ever
• Read full filenames
• Bigger thumbnails


Fully redesigned hands-free keyboard with gestures and voice including:
• Standard keyboard
• Full dictation for improved productivity
• Secure Entry mode enables hands-free password entry without speaking the characters aloud



Android 8.1 Security

• Security patch Level December 2018
• Security patch updates targeted within 90 days
• Compliance with current enterprise IT security policies
• Regular software updates from RealWear
• API Level 27 support for developers

Customization and Configuration


Centralized WearHF configuration

OS level and App level customization and configuration. Default values and preferences can be stored in a common configuration space and updated, refreshed, or managed for easier deployment and support

Cloud Services

Fully manageable by RealWear Foresight Cloud


Dynamic and individual language strings can be adjusted or improved by administrators

More languages

• Thai and Polish languages have been added for a total of 12 languages
• Languages can be updated over the air (OTA)

Most Advanced Camera System for Harsh Environments


Hands-free for industry

Command and control all features while keeping your hands free for work


Instant preview of photos and videos

Smoother experience

Seamless experience from ‘MY CAMERA’ to ‘MY PHOTOS’ and ‘MY MEDIA’

Low Light Performance

Improved performance in low light settings and situations

Field of View (FOV)

Wide angle range or standard range

Focus and Exposure

Can lock focus and exposure to one of 9 points in the frame for capturing serial numbers in non-ideal lighting conditions

Image and Video Stabilization

More usable footage when work is being done and image and video accuracy is required for compliance, inspections and remote mentoring


Flashlight functionality can be controlled directly from the camera app

Added Controls Options

• Exposure level
• Flashlight controller
• Aspect ratio 16:9 and 4:3
• Image resolution: High and low
• Video resolution: High and Low
• Frame rate: 15, 25, 30
• Video Stabilization: On or Off
• Picture preview
• Manual focus
• Field of view: narrow and wide
• Direct access to your photos

Narrow Setting

Improves visibility of camera view when used with a baseball cap. Enhanced zoom to provide even more magnification for small or far away subjects

Wide settings

Full width of camera view is captured