Vector InfoTech

Vector InfoTech main strength is our wide regional outreach into vertical markets in the Asian regions, with better insight & appreciation of our customers’ needs, better understanding of local business & market mechanics. Local Vector colleagues, armed with local knowledge and networking, create values to help manufacturers reach out to prospective clients in various countries in these regions across key industries in the shortest possible time. Our local team assists our principles navigates the minefield of local legislative obstacles, to smoothen the business processes, at the same time, explore synergy among our many principles to work together to streamline outreach efforts.

Vector InfoTech Group, established in 1992 in both local and international fields as a reliable Industrial Telecommunication, Industrial IT, Industrial Networks and Security Specialist. We design and supply complete system solutions including Hardware, Software, Engineering Services and Total Turnkey Communication System Packages. Our group operates in 15 locations worldwide which supports both local and multinational corporations from Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Utilities, Transportation & Chemicals, Semi-Conductor, Building & Construction, Food, Pulp & Paper Industries.