We help frontline workers focus on what they are really good at, real-world physical tasks, not complex and time-consuming computer prompts. Utilizing our hands-free, voice-activated software on smart glasses and head-mounted devices will bring your company to the next level.

Come check out our augmented and assisted reality software. Ubimax software provides hands-free real-time information for manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, and remote support. Ubimax Frontline is a user-friendly interface that enables workers to work safer and faster. The next level of paperless is smart glasses solutions, and Ubimax is working to help industrial workers worldwide to remain competitive against the mechanized robot workforce.

Ubimax was founded in 2011. Today, we are the global market leader for enterprise wearable computing and augmented reality solutions.

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Ubimax xPick

Ubimax xPick can be used for manual order picking and managing inventory.

Ubimax xInspect

Ubimax xInspect is well-suited for service and maintenance, inspection, remote assistance, and training.

Ubimax xAssist

Ubimax xAssist empowers frontline workers with remote support, 2-way video & audio, document exchange, and remote Augmented Reality (AR).



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