The AVR lab

The AVR Lab provides immersive technology solutions to help government, business and educators who want to transform their learning and training programs, but have limited understanding of how to employ emerging technology.

By providing independent expert knowledge about AVR, we create customised solutions and help organisations take confident steps towards enhanced learning through implementing these powerful tools.

The AVR lab is unlike other technology providers who focus on a single platform offering which is often limiting and does not always meet the needs of the business or the problem they are trying to solve.

Today, immersive technology is no longer considered to be ‘new’, however the uptake by business and consumers alike, has been slower than expected. This is due to a number of factors, including the lack of understanding of the technology, costly and clunky headsets and even poor content. Others are just confused about how to get the best from the different technologies and add value to their market.

One way or another, immersive technology is here to stay and companies
are asking how they too can utilise this to enhance the way they’re doing business.

That’s where we come in. The AVR Lab empower business’ to realise the
potential of immersive technology, by creating new learning and training solutions via augmented reality, virtual reality and/or mixed reality.

When implemented effectively, these technologies have shown significant
improvements in engagement, the retention of knowledge and driving staff performance across all industry sectors.

While there are a lot of ‘unknowns’ in the immersive reality space, The AVR Lab is focussed on helping organisations take confident steps towards creating and deploy these powerful tools.

From uncovering a specific need, to choosing the best platform and
hardware, to successfully embedding the technology into a workplace, The AVR Lab is here to help business get the best out of this new ‘reality’.

How do we do this? We have assembled Australia’s first ecosystem of
multi-disciplinary technology teams, that offer a diverse range of skills and perspectives to challenge the way learning is delivered.
From training solutions that provide safe, real-life scenarios for high-risk skills/vocational training (ie, mining and construction) to new classroom experiences, The AVR Lab can provide the best technology solution so you can build deeper connections for your learning and training needs.

The AVR Lab makes the latest immersive technology available to
governments and NGOs via our unique Lab experience. Here, they can
workshop and idea, create a prototype or just try out the latest headset technology. We guide them with our expert knowledge to provide solutions which fit a specific need.

Immersive technology is leading the way in the way people learn both at
school and in the workplace. It removes the traditional limitations of time and distance, so learning is available to everyone, anywhere and at anytime.

The possibilities with this technology are truly limitless. Are you ready to see what you could do? OR Are you ready to see what how you can extend your reality?