CARE4D is a leading provider of augmented/virtual and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) solutions that extend and maximize value for enterprises. We offer industry leading end to end digital solutions dedicated to helping organizations effectively visualize data and contextual information to help drive greater ROIs, enterprise efficiencies and to improve performance.

Telepresenz is an augmented reality based remote mentoring solution for a connected workforce, extending the capability of your workers by enabling quick access to step-by-step digital work instructions and real-time guidance to help in faster diagnosis and resolution of critical issues as they occur. Connecting workers to mentors, experts, or supervisors in their field, using real-time two-way communication with virtual guidance, elevates remote collaboration to a scale that has never before been imagined. An integrated workflow solution provides the capability to create, assign tasks and monitor status of the jobs being performed right from your dashboard, keeping you informed of progress every step of the way.

A highly customizable and scalable SaaS solution, with simplicity at the core – unpack your HMT-1 device and connect your teams using Telepresenz within 5 minutes! To get started with Telepresenz remote mentoring, please visit
to review use cases and determine the plan that works best for you!