To optimally develop the potential of technical staff, we offer services and a scalable software platform for workflow automation, remote visual assistance, step-by-step instructions/checklists and VR training.

Supportsquare's mission is to unlock the full potential of your technical workforce.
In a world with an aging workforce and lack of available technical profiles on the employment market, we offer solutions to give them quick and frictionless access to all the information they need to repair, maintain, assemble and operate machines and equipment.

Our solutions all run on our Passerelle Platform which ensures scaleable, secure, production ready applications that can easily be integrated with existing enterprise applications.
Where possible we unlock data to us them to automate support processes (Act). We implement the latest AR/VR technologies for easy access to back-office expertise with remote visual assistance (Coach), step-by-step workinstructions on wearables (Guide), and VR learning environments (Teach).