SmarTECHS is a software publisher of applications that increases resiliency, safety, productivity, compliance of industrial workers.

SmarTECHS provides industrial software installed on ruggedized head-mounted computers that create connected workspaces and continuous micro-scale efficiencies and productivity for a wide range of professionals: equipment operators, Industrial Workers, Blended work Crews, Asset Managers, Compliance Inspectors, Environmental Health and safety Managers and Casualty & Loss prevention Managers

Customers use the SmarTECHS Intelligent Assistance Suite and its connected workspaces to drive continuous micro-scale cost efficiencies and safety improvements with blended micro-learning (also known as ePerformance Support).

SmarTECHS delivers unparalleled connectivity, collaboration, and empowerment in an extremely easy to use, multi-language interface that connect to your enterprise software infrastructure.

SmarTECHS leverages Assisted Reality, industrial IoT and practical AI to power our Intelligence Assistance Suite of application. Intelligence Assistance Suite Application is modular to meet specific client needs and offer an “out of the box” solution, yet tremendous scalability.

At the center is SmarTECHS "Connected Workspace" offering is a self-guided and remote guided Remote Expertise Network, offering online and offline empowerment. SmarTECHS modular Intelligent Assistance Suite is built around Safety, Productivity, Compliance, Supply Chain, Work Management modules to specifically meet clients needs and integrate with the enterprise software ecosystem.

Remote Expert

Remote experts see what the technician sees, allowing them to help troubleshoot and provide quick and efficient help. Get the most out of your knowledge base, improve up time, and stay close to your clients’ operation.

ATLAS Document Visualization

ATLAS provides your technicians and frontline workers all the documents they need, when they need it, to get the job done right the first time.

Work Flow Solutions

Customize your procedure for a specific client and situation on the go, and track your technician progress in the field.

Industry IoT

Connect all existing systems to a unified ecosystem with SmarTECHS ultra-secured and scalable IoT platform.