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Remote Eye

Remote Eye is start up that offers a platform for remote video assistance. With our app, available for smartphone, tablet and smart glass, the user can broadcast a live video to a secure and private web server. It offers technical service tools and a video support to solve enterprise problems. The tech support service can help by voice, messages and many other features such: record and send videos, take pictures, send images in real time.

Remote Eye

The leading platform for video assistance.

Wideum develops Remote Eye ®, an online see-what-I-see software for technical remote support. It’s the leading platform for video assistance compatible with smart glasses and smartphones.

Remote Eye ® is the BEST CHOICE FOR LOW BANDWIDTH network environments.

Remote Eye ® can efficiently connect field service operators with support departments by providing real-time video/audio of the problematic situation along with effective, helpful and user friendly tools to improve the technician-support communication channel.