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Wideum is a remote service technology company, innovating in applications for smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. Our proprietary software allows users to execute difficult tasks and operation maintenance with remote assistance thanks to information sharing between field service operators and support departments. Solutions like Remote Eye® include real-time data and knowledge sharing to increase productivity, thanks to a significant reduction of costs and machinery downtime.



Remote Eye is a remote assistance software that improves communication and knowledge management between an Expert, remotely and a local Operator.

The Expert will be able to remotely visualize what the technician has in front of his eyes to guide and assist him in the installation, maintenance, or repairs that require more specialized external knowledge.

Remote Eye is specially designed for “Smart Glasses”, hands-free devices that allow the operator to complete the freedom to move. It is also available on Android and iOS mobile phones.


In particular, Remote Eye works with Realwear’s HMTs as a powerful software application, optimized for completely hands-free voice control. That means no scrolling, swiping,or tapping - just simple voice commands. It can be used for remote mentor video calling, document navigation, guided workflow, mobile forms and industrial IoT data visualization.


Twin eye is a video remote support software to be used on smart glasses that allows both, the technician and expert, to communicate hands free to perfectly solve any incidents. You can contact your troubleshooting assistance at a glance.


It also helps in workforce mentoring because the technician can mirror the expert steps during the call. All you need are two smart glasses and connect to an expert on a video remote call to resolve any situation or for mentoring sessions. You can save contacts for future assistance, make use of the zoom to have a detailed view and use both hands all the time on what is important.


Twin Eye can be installed in a wide range of smart glasses, including Realwear’s  HTMs and saves the data on a server of your choice.


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