JourneyApps enables the rapid development of fully custom voice-driven workflow apps for RealWear® that integrate with ERP systems. Companies who have adopted RealWear® assisted reality devices can use JourneyApps to quickly and easily increase their ROI by improving productivity and safety for employees in the field who need to conduct workflows such as inspections, operator rounds, maintenance and guided work instructions. JourneyApps offers unique capabilities such as complete customization of voice commands, flexible integration to ERP systems, full offline operation of apps and integrations with industrial systems such as historians.

JourneyApps provides a rapid-code platform to build, deploy and run industrial-grade software applications. Companies in industries such as oil & gas, mining & metals, chemicals, high-tech manufacturing and others use JourneyApps to create and run powerful business applications.

JourneyApps rapid-code bridges the gap for companies who are stuck between low-code/no-code tools — that are too limiting for more sophisticated and complex apps — and conventional software development tools (so-called "pro-code" tools), that are too complex, slow and expensive to use on a large scale. The unique JourneyApps rapid-code approach gives developers both speed and power in a single platform. Developers have the full power of code, yet it takes 90% less time to build custom apps on JourneyApps compared to conventional development approaches.

JourneyApps also has built-in capabilities that solve the difficult challenges of building apps for mission-critical industrial work processes, such as relational offline data sync and smart hardware integration.

JourneyApps can be used as a self-service platform by junior in-house developers, or through implementation partners that deliver turnkey solutions.

JourneyApps is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in EMEA and global implementation partners.