HINDSITE Industries

Capturing, preserving and making valuable, the worlds skilled knowledge.

HINDSITE is a wearable, speech driven, remote mentoring and knowledge management platform, 'purpose built' for business continuity, safety of connected workers, remote in-situ training initiatives and generational skills transfer for the 4th industrial revolution.

HINDSITE incorporates wearable devices and a geo-centric web user interface, enabling ease of search for in-situ micro-learnings, digitised standard operating procedures, training initiatives and remote mentoring calls, geo-locating them at asset and making them seamlessly accessible business wide.
Operating globally, HINDSITE works across a multitude of industry verticals, including Field Services, Construction, Utilities, Energy, Oil & Gas, Resources, Logistics and Manufacturing.

HINDSITE can make and take group Remote Mentoring video calls from up to 12 different field based users anywhere in the world.

  • We enable the retention of valued, highly skilled Subject Matter Experts to remotely guide new starters when and where they need to be.
  • We empower your people to tag, title and extract written text from the spoken word, interlinking this data within existing legacy systems making HINDSITEs content more relevant, usable and valuable for generations to come.

HINDSITE is the leading knowledge management platform for your connected worker - we're here to help you rapidly deploy globally.

View HINDSITE's presentation here.