HeadApp Srl

HeadApp mission is to help field operators activity, providing concrete solution for their everyday work. Taking benefit about latest enabling technology, HeadApp focus is on enhancing human capabilities of performing daily tasks by improving Human-Machine interaction while maintaining the maximum level of accuracy & environment awareness.

HeadApp S.r.l. (www.headapp.eu) develops AR and VR solutions to help people in everyday work, using smart glasses and wearable devices. HeadApp’s main projects are:

  • Eye4Task, an AR remote collaboration platform designed to support on-field operators in mission-critical contexts.
  • Eye4Training an immersive VR training solution designed to virtually train workforces and improve their expertise.

Founded in 2014, with customers from all over the world, HeadApp promotes a continuous training journey that allows everyone to become an expert despite their knowledge and age, thanks to virtual training, remote collaboration, and training on the job.

The benefits for enterprises are uncountable:

  • Hands-free in unsafe situations
  • Reduction of training costs and human errors
  • Reduction of injuries and accidents
  • Optimizations of the workflow
  • No need for senior experts transfer.