FlexThings is a valued Partner for industrial enterprises who have a digitalization strategy, by providing high level advisory for industry 4.0 vision and implementation. FlexThing implements Industrial Internet Of Things for real time vision, Product Lifecycle for Management of product history control and augmented reality to expose the combination of the two in their production or maintenance environment. In this process of digitalization, a non-structured approach is needed to help customers step into digitalization. That's what we are doing with the Expert Teleportation offer.

FlexThings is an expertise center with senior consultants that are used to working on digitalization projects since many years.

FlexThings is supported by a nearshore solution center that provides the development capabilities and needs. Project managers locally provide the right level of engagement to the customers. to ensure a high quality of delivery.

Our Expert Teleportation solution is an in-house solution, totally independent of any software provider, and 100% French.

The solution is completely secured while managing the video flow transfer but does not keep any trace of the images. This is key in respect to both the private life and also the organizations that are investing in such solution to ensure their data are not hacked by or exposed to others. We have customers deploying the solution worldwide with great return on investment.

We are adding other applications of remote assistance to support the customer experience in front of the machine, by providing them direct access to documentation PLM based or step by step instructions. This solution is offered in the Flex Expert bundle.

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