Company-X Ltd

As a RealWear ready independent software vendor and system integrator, Company-X offers Silicon Valley level software savvy delivered with a Kiwi can-do attitude.

Off-the-shelf software doesn't fit everyone's needs so as an Independent Software Vendor we can:

  • Provide remote video calling and digital workflows
  • Take your existing Android app and make it fully usable on the head mounted tablet (HMT)
  • Create a custom app that will do what you need it to where other applications don't
  • Where possible add extra functionality to existing platforms

As a system integrator we can take all the information captured using your HMT and save it seamlessly into your existing computer systems and also be able to send information from your computer systems to the HMT. Knowledge transfer at its best!

Founded in 2012 by software specialists David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes, Company-X immediately won contracts with New Zealand government departments and a Silicon Valley multinational.

The team has grown to more than 50 New Zealand-based software specialists, with only the best and brightest passing our interview and assessment process.

The Company-X team prides itself with experience in a wide range of technologies and languages and loves challenging problems.

Company-X cares about business value when we partner with clients. Our aim is to develop working software as quickly as possible. We operate by three core principles.

  • Doing what we said we’d do
  • Making our clients look good
  • Giving our customers choices

The scope of software development projects changes all the time. Fixed scopes do not provide agility for the client and software development team. Effective collaboration and the ability to respond quickly to business changes are crucial.

Company-X clients are at the centre of our projects and are in total control.