Augmentalis' patent pending WorkView application for the Connected Smart Worker provides a first of its kind multitasking, multi-window application that can rapidly deploy AR/XR experiences on the HMT-1/1z1 in less than 5 minutes. WorkView allows for handsfree Web App (Pi Vision, Wonderware) BI, Camera/Video, Collaboration (Skype for Business, Sharepoint etc), Document Viewing, Web Browsing and 3rd party applications in a multi-window environment. WorkView increases productivity, safety and reliability with instant access to workers data requirements.

Augmentalis provides software to provide Augmented Intelligence software for the Connected Smart Worker. Simple, Powerful, Intuitive are the basis of all Augmentalis' handsfree, wearable software. Augmentalis has proprietary techniques that allow for mobile and wearable devices to multi-task and access desktop web apps without the need for any 3rd party servers or coding. Instant integration, no UI/UX change - instant handsfree voice activation of almost any application.