AMA XpertEye

AMA is a global company specializing in the development and integration of remote collaboration solutions on connected devices (smart glasses, microscopic camera, endoscope…). AMA develops XpertEye Light, XpertEye Essential & XpertEye Advanced, three complementary solutions that make instant remote assistance easier.

Take your remote assistance, remote maintenance and quality control to the next level with XpertEye, by sharing your vision and gestures with one or more geographically remote operators, whenever and wherever you want and by adding a new dimension to them : Assisted Reality. Our simply-to-use, intuitive solutions overcome the geographical remoteness of your experts and field operators.

AMA now operates across Europe and North America via subsidiaries in Rennes, Bucharest, London, Cologne, Boston and Hong Kong. Our solutions are deployed in more than 80 countries worldwide.

XpertEye Light

With XpertEye Light, collaborate remotely using your own devices, via a secure link and user-friendly interface. Simply use the Chrome browser to log in to our website at

XpertEye Essential

XpertEye Essential brings you the best of XpertEye Light in a format fully optimized for smartglasses, leveraging our expertise developed with our premium solution, XpertEye Advanced. XpertEye Essential is the ideal introduction to hands-free remote assistance.
Opting for XpertEye Essential not only lets you take your first steps in the world of smartglasses, but also gives you a foretaste of the amazing experience provided by XpertEye Advanced, the most comprehensive remote assistance solution on the market.
XpertEye Essential-compatible smartglasses use a WiFi connection only, while benefiting from XpertEye’s automatic bandwidth adjustment capability.

XpertEye Advanced

XpertEye Advanced is a dedicated, secure and comprehensive hardware solution, packaged to suit your requirements.
XpertEye Advanced supports a wide range of video sources, including smartglasses, microscopes (over 300 Dinolite products) and third-party cameras.  These video sources are all connected to the dedicated AMA smartphone at the core of the solution, which leverages its optimized AMAdroid operating system to deliver a unique remote assistance experience.

XpertEye Proceed

XpertEye Proceed is a SaaS or on premises  (Software as a Service) solution that enables the management and execution of workflow, instruction and inspection procedures on smartphone, tablets and connected glasses while being entirely paperless and mobile.

XpertEye Schedule

XpertEye Schedule enable to plan XpertEye sessions with remote colleagues in your usual calendars (such as Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook365…) and to synchronize them in your CRM tool (such as Salesforce, Pipedrive…).


You can optimize your use of XpertEye with Dust that provides a Sim card for communication all over the world (214 countries) with and end-to-end encryption.