Oil, Gas & Mining

Our oil, gas and mining customers manage the global processes of resource exploration, extraction, refining and transportation — often via tankers and pipelines. They also manufacture and market downstream petroleum products, minerals and other geological materials.

Challenge: Minimizing Downtime

With anticipated oil prices remaining steady or increasing slowly over the next few years, the industry must maximize profits through concerted efforts around process improvements and minimizing downtime. On average an oil platform loses $5.2M dollars for each unplanned outage, for example.

Challenge: The Great Crew Change

There are two retirees for every one new employee entering the workforce. Even as the recent drop in oil price caused industry downsizing, it has been the experienced older worker that took early retirement. The skills gap is now acute as the industry tries to upsize again in anticipation of recovering oil prices. For example in the US, the American Petroleum Institute estimates a hiring need of 30,000 workers annually over the next 20 years.

The RealWear HMT-1 is an industrial hands-free head-mounted tablet that addresses such issues.

Due in summer 2017, early access hardware and software is available through our Pioneer Program.

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