HMT-1Z1 Battery Warranty Policy and Instructions

The HMT-1Z1 contains a specific internal, non-removable battery that is a key part of the intrinsically safe design.  To maintain intrinsic safety, the HMT-1Z1 battery must only be charged with the approved charger and safety cable supplied with the device.  If the battery requires servicing, it must undergo a specific replacement procedure and retesting of the device to re-certify the HMT-1Z1 device as intrinsically safe.  Battery replacement by RealWear will ensure that the device remains certified as intrinsically safe.

While the HMT-1Z1 warranty sold with the device is either a 1-year or 3-year warranty, the device’s internal battery is warrantied for up to 1‑year from the date of receipt of the device by the customer.  During the 1-year warranty, the battery is rated for 500 full charge/discharge cycles.  If the battery capacity has declined to below 75% of its full charging capacity within the 1-year battery warranty period, the device may be under battery warranty.  If the customer suspects the battery has declined below 75% of charging capacity and is under battery warranty, contact RealWear Support at [email protected]   The RealWear Support team will be able to determine if the charging capacity decline falls within the battery warranty policy.

If the HMT-1Z1 is determined to be under battery warranty, RealWear Support will issue an RMA for returning the device. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost to RealWear.   RealWear is responsible for the return shipping cost to the customer.  Due to special handling requirements and testing, the turnaround time for HMT-1Z1 battery replacement is 30 days from RealWear’s receipt of the device.  At its discretion, RealWear may elect to replace the entire device or the battery.  During the battery replacement process, all data on the device will be erased.  Please back up whatever data the customer may need to retain and verify the backup.

If the battery needs replacing outside of the 1-year warranty period, contact [email protected]  The charge for an out-of-warranty battery replacement is currently US $400.00 (subject to change by RealWear at any time) and must be paid before the device is returned.  The customer is responsible for the shipping cost to RealWear. RealWear is responsible for the cost of return shipping to the customer.  The battery replacement request and fee may be processed via our web store, or invoiced as appropriate, by contacting [email protected]

The new battery will be warrantied for 1-year after receipt of the device.  For additional warranty information, please visit