Cleaning the HMT device

Follow these instructions for cleaning the different areas of the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1:

  • The HMT is water resistant so cleaning with a damp cloth and mild soap is appropriate.  Ensure that all covers are firmly secured when cleaning.  The HMT should never be submerged.
  • You may also use isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean and lightly sterilize the hard surfaces of the HMT. Dry surfaces or simply allow to air dry.
  • Display and Camera glass: Use a standard micro-fiber cloth to wipe off glass parts. You can use screen cleaner to enable the sharpest possible images.
  • Fabric parts: Under normal use the Overhead Strap and Rear Head Pad are expected to eventually wear down and need replacement.  Replacement straps and pads can be purchased at  They may be cleaned with alcohol wipes, but excessive cleaning may accelerate wear.
  • Battery:  Should the battery become dirty, clean with a dry cloth alone or in combination with alcohol.  If dirty, they may be cleaned with cloth, cotton swaps, toothbrush, and alcohol if needed.  The contacts should not corrode.  If the battery appears as all damaged, replace the battery immediately.
  • Battery:  The battery must always be kept dry.  An indicator on the battery housing will turn red if exposed to excessive moisture.  If the indicator is red, the warranty is voided and the battery should be immediately disposed of properly.

Cleaning HMT Accessories

  • Hardhat Clips: Hardhat mounting clips are made of plastic and can be cleaned with alcohol wipes or water. Tip: Toothpicks can be used to remove dirt in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Tri-band Strap: The Tri-band Strap is comprised of plastic and fabric. It can be cleaned with alcohol wipes, but excess cleaning may accelerate wear. Replacement straps can be purchased at
  • Hearing Protection Ear Buds: The RealWear Hearing Protection Ear Buds are an electronic component with a metal connector, and cleaning of the buds themselves is not recommended. A polish with a dry or lightly damp cloth should be sufficient.  Too much moisture could cause damage to the speakers.
  • Foam Tips for Hearing Protection Ear Buds: The foam tips for the ear buds are comprised of memory foam. You may clean with a dry cloth. Too much moisture could damage the foam.  The Foam Tips are considered consumables and are expected to eventually require replacing.  Replacement parts can be purchased at