Foresight PIN Configuration


RealWear Foresight administrators can require HMT device users within their Foresight instance to set up a device PIN to unlock their HMT device. PIN configuration requirements have changed undergone changes from Android 8 to Android 10. If you have updated (or plan to update) your HMT software to Release 12 and are a Foresight administrator, review this article to learn more about Foresight PIN requirements and configuration.


  • Foresight’s PIN length setting will continue to work for your devices that are currently running firmware release 11.x (based on Android 8), and older.
  • Foresight’s PIN complexity setting will be used for your devices that have been updated to firmware release 12.x (based on Android 10), and newer.

This article contains requirements on PIN settings and references to Android 10 where you can learn more about the change.

Deprecation of Legacy Device Admin Policies

Note: PIN length is no longer supported in RealWear Firmware Release 12 (based on Android 10). Customers have the option to configure PIN complexity when enabling a PIN on devices running this firmware.

The device PIN length setting relies on a legacy device admin policy named USES_POLICY_LIMIT_PASSWORD. This policy has been deprecated in Android 10, which is the base for RealWear Firmware Release 12.

Android 10 prevents apps and DPCs from applying legacy device admin policies. We recommend customers and partners transition to fully managed devices or work profiles. The following policies throw a SecurityException when invoked by a device admin targeting Android 10:





FirmwarePIN configuration
11.x and belowUser customizable PIN length
12.x and aboveUser selectable PIN complexity


Device PIN on Firmware 12

Starting with firmware 12, you will not be able to specify the number of digits in the PIN. You can specify only the required complexity level.

PIN Complexity SettingAcceptable Values
LOW2PIN with repeating (4444) or ordered (1234, 4321, 2468) sequences
MEDIUM3PIN with no repeating (4444) or ordered (1234, 4321, 2468) sequences, length at least 4
HIGH4PIN with no repeating (4444) or ordered (1234, 4321, 2468) sequences, length at least 8






Device PIN on Firmware 11

User defined PIN length of 4 – 16 digits.


We recommend updating your devices to the latest firmware and use PIN complexity.

There is no clear 1-1 mapping between PIN length and PIN complexity. For example, a PIN length of 6 digits in firmware 11.x (based on Android 8) does not have an equivalent PIN complexity setting in firmware 12.x (based on Android 10).

PIN LengthPIN ComplexityNotes / Requirements



LOW complexity allows repeating (4444) and ordered (1234, 4321, 2468) digits

MEDIUM complexity does not allow repeating (4444) or ordered (1234, 4321, 2468) digits

8HIGHHIGH complexity does not allow repeating (44444444) or ordered (12345678, 87654321) digits