RealWear Firmware Update and Support Policy


RealWear‘s commitment is to keep all devices secure according to the established best practices for enterprise mobile devices, by providing firmware updates approximately every quarter that include security patches, bug fixes and new features.

RealWear does not provide security patches for older firmware versions. Therefore, all RealWear devices need to be updated to the most recent firmware versions that incorporate the most recent security updates. Older releases will need to go through several sequential firmware updates in order to get to the most current version. Today there are many firmware versions installed across the population of RealWear devices, all of which are only eligible to receive security updates by upgrading to the latest version.

Any RealWear customer or partner who hasn’t upgraded to the latest RealWear firmware version may be incurring an increased security risk. RealWear is ending support for firmware versions for 10.2 for the HMT-1 and 10.4 for the HMT-1Z1 and all prior versions on November 17th, 2020. After the end of support, RealWear can assist you in upgrading to the current version of firmware but cannot troubleshoot issues on these versions.

Beginning in 2021, for each new firmware release, only the current version and two prior versions will be supported. “N-2” This document describes RealWear’s policy on software updates and support regarding security patches, bug fixes and new features.

Firmware Upgrade Policy Changes

The firmware upgrade path for both the HMT-1 and the HMT-1Z1 is as follows:

  • Upgrade path from 10.5 to 11.0.0 (HMT-1) and upgrade path from 10.4 to 11.1.0 (HMT-1Z1): available by customer support request only
  • All other firmware upgrades: Available by default to all devices unless a customer or partner has specifically made a support request that those devices not be eligible to upgrade to that specific release.

On October 18th, the entire upgrade path for all generally available firmware will be available by default to all devices. For the HMT-1 this will be up to Release 11.2 and for the HMT-1Z1 this will be Release 11.1. Release 11.2 is expected to be generally available for the HMT-1Z1 on November 30th, 2020.

The firmware upgrade policy from 11.1 to 11.2 and beyond will be:

  • RealWear will provide 30 days notice of a new firmware release. The notice will appear in a memo on and also will be delivered to existing customer contacts via email.
  • A reminder will be sent two weeks before the firmware release.
  • Unless an extension has been previously requested through RealWear support, the new firmware will be available by default to all devices on the planned date.

Firmware Upgrade Policy FAQs

Q: On October 18th, will the updates get forced to my RealWear devices?

A: No, once an upgrade is available to a device, users must still go into the Wireless Update application on their RealWear device to upgrade. For more details, consult RealWear’s Knowledge Center.

Q: I’m not ready for an update, what should I do?

A: After October 18th, you’ll still be able to delay your update to Release 11.2 by 30 days. Contact RealWear Support and be ready with an excel document that contains your device serial numbers for which you would like the firmware upgrade to be delayed.

Q: I’m a software application partner, how do I ensure my app(s) will be compatible with an upcoming release?

A: Please contact RealWear Support.

Q: I’d like to delay receiving firmware updates beyond 30 days, what should I do?

A: RealWear strongly advises against failing to update your devices because of the potential security risks. We will work with you to make upgrading as easy as possible and have device updates occur at a convenient time for you. RealWear will also send you regular reminders to update your devices.

Q: What are some best practices to plan for and manage firmware updates?

  1. Read the product brief when it comes out a month before firmware general availability
  2. Sign up for early access if you’d like to test the firmware before general availability
  3. Discuss firmware specific training services with our Customer Training and Success team
  4. Plan for the new release with your chosen application software partner(s)
  5. Let RealWear Support know about any additional concerns

Q: What does firmware end of support mean?

A: End of support means that without updating to a supported firmware version, you cannot receive support from RealWear. When contacting RealWear support or any of your dedicated contacts, you will be kindly asked to first upgrade to a supported version.

Q: Who should I talk to about upgrading my firmware?

A: RealWear as a company is committed to helping you upgrade your firmware. You may reach out to RealWear Support, any of your dedicated RealWear contacts or leverage the content in the RealWear Knowledge Center to get assistance upgrading.