Explorer 4.0 – Release Notes

New Features

  • UI update
    The main screen has been updated to a new design to match the updates to the HMT.
  • Android 8 Compatibility
    RealWear Explorer now supports both Android 6 and Android 8.
  • Logging
    RealWear Explorer outputs logging data to a file for assisting support cases.
  • Presentation mode
    When entering presentation mode, all other UI elements are removed and the HMT stream is shown full screen.
  • Control over RealWear Cast
    When connected to RealWear Cast it is now possible to fully control the HMT.

    • Navigate Home, Navigate Back and Settings buttons.
    • Mouse kicks and swipes.
    • Keyboard input.
    • Installing APKs.
  • RealWear Cast updater
    When connecting a HMT RealWear Explorer will help update RealWear Cast to the latest version.
  • Configurable framerate
    It is possible to set the framerate for RealWear Cast in the options screen.
  • RealWear Cast over USB
    It is now possible to use RealWear Cast over USB as well as over WiFi. When the device is connected using USB RealWear Explorer will attempt to connect to RealWear Cast rather than ADB.
  • App Signing
    The RealWear Explorer application is now signed for both Windows and Mac.


  • Fixed the font on Windows to be Roboto.
  • Fixed a crash when holding down keyboard key for extended period.
  • RealWear Cast no longer dies when killing recent applications (Android 8 only).
  • Updated the version of ADB that ships with RealWear Explorer to 1.0.40 to match Mac version.