Your device is already configured to keep its operating system up to date via over-the-air (OTA) updates distributed by RealWear.  The HMT will not update automatically – the update process must be initiated by the user.

Before Getting Started

  • Ensure the HMT-1 is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Do not move out of the Wi-Fi network while download in progress.
  • Ensure the HMT-1’s battery is charged to at least 30% (50% recommended).
  • If the HMT-1 device is connected to a computer, disconnect before updating.

All applications and user data will be preserved through the update process. However, whenever updating firmware we always suggest backing up your personal files including photos, images, and documents before proceeding.

NOTE: Upgrading from Release 10.5.0 to Release 11.0.0 will erase all data on the HMT. Back up all user-generated data you wish to preserve to a location other than the HMT before proceeding.

If the HMT-1 is a lower version (9,05, 8.09 or 7.0x) than the version indicated as required in the Release Notes, upgrade through the next highest version(s) is required before the most current update will be available.


Update Procedure

NOTE: All screens found on this page are representative of the Wireless Update process but upgrade notes, versions, and descriptions will reflect the actual software being installed.


1. Power ON the HMT-1 and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

2. Navigate to My Programs and say “WIRELESS UPDATE”.


3. An update may already have downloaded.

If not, you may say “CHECK FOR UPDATES”.

A message will display if you’re up to date.

If there is an available update, an option to download the package is displayed.


4. Say “DOWNLOAD” or say “SELECT ITEM (followed by the item number)”. In the example above, the download command responds to “SELECT ITEM 3”.

The software update download will start. The download time depends on the size of the package and the network connectivity.

We recommend muting the microphones if the the download is large.  Just say “MUTE MICROPHONE”.  When the download has finished, briefly press the large black Action Button on the boom-side of the HMT-1 housing.  Then you can install the update via voice commands.


5. Once the download is complete, an option to install now or later is displayed.


6. If you say “INSTALL LATER”, a pop-up to set the installation delay time is displayed for about 15 seconds.

You can set the installation delay time to by 1, 4 or 8 hours. If the delay time is not set within the given time, the default delay timer is set to 4 hours.


7. Say “INSTALL NOW” to install and update the HMT-1 software immediately.


Warning Messages to Note During Software Update

Be sure to read the following warning messages before proceeding with the software update.


Battery Alert

‘We recommend not to use HMT-1 during the software update. Also ensure that there is at least 30 % charge before installing an update.’


Software Update Warning

‘When the software update begins, the following warning is displayed.’

Say “OK” to proceed with the update.

The HMT will reboot itself upon completion of the update.