Selecting HMT Interface Language


This article has been updated to reflect software changes implemented in Release 12. For instructions on updating your device, please see Wireless Update. For more information on Release 12, please see Release Notes.


There are several aspects of language support in RealWear’s operating system:

  • Full Language Translation – All commands in RealWear’s Operating System and Software Applications are localized
  • Cloud Dictation – Dictation (voice to text) is supported for the language or dialect with internet connectivity
  • Local Dictation -Dictation (voice to text) is supported for the language or dialect without internet connectivity

Supported Languages

RealWear supports 15 languages

NumberLanguage or DialectFull Language TranslationCloud DictationLocal DictationNotes
1English (USA)YesYesYes
English (Great Britain)Not ApplicableYesNoAdded in Release 11.1
English (Australia)Not ApplicableYesNoAdded in Release 11.1
English (India)Not ApplicableYesNoAdded in Release 11.1
9Mandarin ChineseYesYesYes
13IndonesianYesYesYesAdded in Release 11.1
14Traditional ChineseYesYesNoAdded in Release 11.2
15DutchYesYesNoAdded in Release 12.0

Note that only English, German and Mandarin Chinese offline (local) dictation is possible with RealWear’s voice technology.

Selecting your Language

1. Press and hold the Action button (large, black, texture button on the boom-side housing.) If you’re not sure where the Action Button is, check out the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 device overview.
2. All the supported languages are displayed as preview, using their respective Country flags:

The device automatically scrolls through the language list and highlights one language at a time, for about two seconds each.

3. When the desired language is highlighted, release the Action button and the device will immediately reconfigure to show commands only in that language.



Is it possible for RealWear to add support for local dictation in additional languages?

Only English, Mandarin Chinese and Germany are supported with RealWear’s voice technology so adding local dictation in additional languages is not technically feasible.