Getting Started

Getting Started

What’s in the Box?

The box includes:
(1) HMT-1, (1) Quick Start Guide (1)Battery Guide Insert, (1) HMT- Wall Charger, (1) USB-C Charge cable, (1) Adjustable head strap

Note: If you are doing data-transfer or programming for HMT-1, you will need a standard Micro-USB cable (not included)


To power on HMT-1, press and briefly hold the power button. After a few seconds, the screen will illuminate.  A sound will play and the RealWear logo will appear as it is powering on. To power off, press and briefly hold the power button.


Charging the HMT-1

Connect the USB-C charging cable to the USB-C port located beneath the rear flap.
Connect the charging cable to the wall charger and plug the charger into a wall socket.
The power button will blink RED while charging. The Power button will be GREEN when fully charged.


Battery Life

The Battery for HMT-1 is designed to last the duration of a full work shift.

Battery Removal/Swap

The Battery can be removed/swapped via the battery door on the left rear side of HMT-1 beneath the rear flap. Simply turn the door counter-clockwise to release.


1. Position the display pod for use with your dominant eye.

To determine your dominant eye, target a distant object through a small opening formed using your two hands. The eye you most naturally use is dominant.

2. Rotate the Boom Arm.

The boom arm can be adjusted with six degrees of freedom. This means that you can rotate the boom arm using the shoulder and elbow joints to adjust display position as well as for left or right usage and storage.

3. Adjust the Overhead Strap.

Adjust the overhead strap such that HMT-1 rests horizontally, slightly above the tops of your ears.

4. Position the Display Pod below your line of sight.

Position the display pod just below your line of sight, about an inch from your eye. Using the display should be like looking at the dashboard of a car.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

There are four ways to connect HMT-1 to a Wi-Fi network.

Method 1 (recommended) –

1. On a desktop computer, go to and select ‘Configure your HMT-1’
2. Select your language and click ‘Continue’
3. Select your time zone and click ‘Continue’
4. In the ‘Access Point’ field, enter the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect. (Case Sensitive)
5. In the ‘Password’ field, enter the Wi-Fi password for that network
6. If your network requires entry of a Username, click ‘Show Advanced Options’ and enter your Username in the ‘User’ field
7. Click ‘Create Configuration QR Code’
8. On your HMT-1, say ‘My Programs’, then ‘Configure’ to launch the QR Code scanner.
9. Look at the generated QR code to complete the configuration and connect your HMT-1 to the Wi-Fi network. You will hear a tone when the QR code is successfully scanned.

Method 2 – RWExplorer

1. Connect your HMT-1 to your computer using a Micro USB cable and launch RWExplorer
You can download RWExplorer here:
NOTE: If you have any trouble connecting your HMT-1 to RWExplorer, see the RWExplorer User Guide here:
2. Once connected, click ‘My Programs’, then ‘Control Panel’
3. Select the desired network from the list of available networks.
4. Enter the network password.

Method 3 – Use your voice

1. Say ‘My Controls’ to launch the control panel
2. Say ‘Set Wi-Fi’ to open a list of available networks
3. Say the name of the desired network to select it from the list of available networks.
4. Say ‘Password’ to bring up the speech menu, and speak the military code for the corresponding characters of your password to enter.

Method 4 – RealWear Companion app

1. Download the RealWear Companion app (iOS/Android)
2. Use this to generate input for HMT-1 (text/Wi-Fi configuration)

Using HMT-1


The Home screen is the first screen you’ll see upon powering on HMT-1. From here, you can navigate to ‘My Programs’, ‘My Camera’, and ‘My Files’ simply by speaking the commands.

User Interface

HMT-1 user interface is powered by voice recognition. Simply speak what you see to navigate.

Intro to Voice Navigation

Global Voice Commands

‘Navigate Back’
Returns you to the previous screen

‘Navigate Home’
Returns you to the Home screen

‘My Controls’
Navigates you to the Control Panel

‘Mute Microphone’

Mutes the microphone on HMT-1.  Tap the ‘Home button’ on the side of the HMT-1 to re-activate the microphones.

Recent Applications’

Displays all open applications.  Use the ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ command to navigate to a specific application.  Say ‘Select Item X’ to open an app, ‘Dismiss Item X’ to force quit a specific app, or ‘Dismiss All’ to force quit all open applications.

‘My Notifications’

Opens and allows you to view your notifications.

‘Page Down’

Scrolls down one page

‘Page Up’

Scrolls up one page

‘Page Right’

Scrolls one page to the right.  If no page is available to the right, this will serve the same function as ‘Page Down’.

‘Page Left’

Scrolls one page to the left.  If no page is available to the left, this will serve the same function as ‘Page Up’.


‘Show Help’
At any time, you can say ‘Show Help’ to display a list of the available commands. These will vary per app.


To launch the Camera app, say ‘My Camera’

Take a Photo

To take a photo, position your head so that the desired subject is in view and say ‘Take Photo’

Take a Video

To begin video capture, say ‘Start Video’
To stop recording, say ‘Stop Recording’

All Photo and Video Media will store to the flash memory on HMT-1

Document Navigator

To launch the Document Navigator, say ‘My Files’
Select ‘My Photos’, ‘My Media’, or ‘My Documents’.

If a photo or document is selected:
‘Zoom level (1-5)’

Zoom into the document. Once zoomed, you can navigate the document with head movements.

‘Freeze Document’

If zoomed in, this will lock the position of the photo or document.

‘Control Document’

This will return the control of the photo or document to head movement.

‘Reset Document’ 

Returns the photo or document to its default position and zoom level

Putting Apps on your Device

There are two methods by which you can load your app(s) onto the HMT-1


RealWear Cloud allows you to manage your HMT-1 devices remotely.
If you are the RealWear Cloud Administrator for your organization, you can set up device groups and push apps to devices. The next time a device is powered on and connected to a Wi-Fi network, the app(s) will automatically download and install in the background. We encourage you to use RealWear Cloud during the Beta period and provide feedback, so that we can continue to improve your experience with the HMT-1.  Please contact your sales rep for more information.


RealWear Explorer allows you to easily sideload your Android apps to a device via a standard Micro-USB cable (not included)
Download and install RWExplorer on your desktop computer here:

With the HMT-1 connected to the computer, simply drag and drop your .apk files from your desktop into the box that reads ‘Drag and Drop .APKs here’.

For more information, check out the RWExplorer user guide here: