RealWear Timeline


January 2015

Dr. Chris Parkinson incorporates in State of Washington as WearNext, Inc.

April 2016

RealWear Co-founders

Co-Founders named:

Andy Lowery, Chris Parkinson, Brian Hamilton, and Sanjay Jhawar.

July 2016


Opens office #1 in Milpitas, California.

Receives first seed investment.

Company renamed to RealWear, Inc.

First 10 employees join.

RealWear Logo

August 2016

First China, India and UK members join.

September 2016

Barcotec Logo - Realwear 1st customer

Launches HMT Pioneer Program.

Barcotec becomes RealWear customer #1.

January 2017


Organizes RealWear Summit & Barcotec becomes first reseller.

March 2017

Ships HMT-1 Beta units to RealWear Pioneer Program members.

June 2017

Receives $200K grant from state of WA

Receives $200K grant from state of WA.

September 2017


Opens RealWear HQ “Fort RealWear” In Vancouver, WA office.

October 2017


General availability of world’s 100% first hands-free wearable computers, HMT-1.

December 2017

Closes 2017 with $2M revenue.

January 2018


Closes $19.3M Series A funding round.

May 2018


Honeywell becomes global RealWear distributor & announces availability of Skills Insight Intelligent Wearables running on the HMT-1Z1.

May 2018


RealWear announces world’s first Intrinsically Safe head-mounted wearable HMT-1Z1.

October 2018

Colgate-Palmolive standardizes globally on HMT-1 & rolls out HMT-1s to 20 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries.

April 2019


Shell deploys HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 globally through Honeywell in 12 countries and 24 operational sites, declaring “next era of computing.”

March 2019

RealWear Unleashes Major Software Upgrade For HMT-1.

May 2019

GLOBALFOUNDRIES determined RealWear can slash training time by 30% to 50%.

May 2019

Airbus leverages HMT-1 with Ubimax to top cut administrative costs in inspections by 41%.

June 2019


BMW rolls out Ubimax on HMT-1s across every North American dealership improving repair time by 70-75%.

June 2019

Auggie Award Best Headworn Device

RealWear Wins Auggie Award for “Best Headworn Device.”

July 2019

RealWear closes Series B for $80M, bringing total raised to over $100M.