Leading Automotive Manufacturers Select RealWear Connected Worker Solutions

Toyota, Renault Trucks, And More Achieve Greater Productivity With This Wearable Computer

In a recent article, we shared examples of several major automotive manufacturers improving customer satisfaction with connected worker solutions. Lexus, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, and BMW North America have all deployed the HMT-1® wearable computer to workers across Europe and the USA. With HMT-1, their technicians can be more productive and efficient while delivering a better customer experience.

Now Lexus and Renault Trucks are reporting similar results.

Renault Trucks just announced it is rolling out its remote mentor solution ‘Optiview’ to dealerships across the United Kingdom. RealWear HMT-1 headsets will enable Renault Trucks’ technicians to significantly speed up repairs and maintenance for its customers. This has major implications for fleet management. Anything that can accelerate repairs like RealWear HMT-1 will enable more vehicles in a fleet to get back on the road sooner.

Renault Trucks’ technicians will use the RealWear HMT-1 headset together with Librestream Onsight Connect software. This will allow them to contact technical support experts for real-time guidance with just a few simple voice commands. In addition, technicians can use the Optiview platform for:

  • Two-way video / image / document sharing with remote experts
  • Noise capture to complement visual inspection
  • Refer to digitized manuals
  • Playback training videos

“Optiview is an exciting step for Renault Trucks, marking a new era where wearable AR and voice command technology becomes the norm in our workshops and out in the field. The headset is the ideal wearable choice for technicians, giving them the support of the technical team right when they need it to speed up diagnosis and repair on complex issues. This technology will improve the efficiency of our dealer network and our customer service, resolving issues more swiftly.”

Derek Leech, Service Market & Retail Development Director, Renault Trucks UK

Toyota’s use case is similar to that of Renault Trucks, but they deployed a different connected worker solution with RealWear’s HMT-1 wearable computer. By using an Augmented Support solution by Essert together with HMT-1, Toyota was able to achieve a 20% cost savings in field service.

“With the augmented support software we can better decide when a field service is really necessary. This increases the availability of the experts, improves the support of our dealers and increases customer satisfaction. The goal in the first year is to reduce 20% of field service through the augmented support software. Each of these missions costs us about 1000 euros, as soon as a significant sum comes together.”

Achim Koch, Product Quality Manager, Toyota

These initial results have motivated Toyota Deutschland GmbH to identify additional use cases for RealWear HMT-1 and the Essert Augmented Support solution. Toyota is already planning pilot projects in their warranty processing division and within their European production plants, the latter for maintenance, repair, and operations.

All of these developments promise bright times ahead for fleet management. If fleet managers are looking for ways to shorten repair time, Renault Trucks and Toyota provide a clear picture of the future with HMT-1.

On a final note, we share this quote from Derek Leech of Renault Trucks: “The possibilities to transform the way we work with this technology are far-reaching, from hands-free inspections and voice activated report writing, to creating live step by step instructions. The future starts here.”

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