RealWear HMT-1 head-mounted device

If you the HMT-1 as much as we do, WE WANT YOUR VOTE for the 2018 Auggie Awards.  Here’s our top ten reasons to vote for the HMT-1. Thank you for your support!

1.) Hands-free interface.  Our voice commands are 98% accurate up to 95 dBs.

2.) Smart design.  The boom arm can be moved out of the way when you don’t need the display (and our unique monocular form factor improves visibility).

3.) Growing eco-system.  We have 75+ partners who have optimized their unique solution to function seamlessly on the HMT-1

4.) Efficient.  Under normal use the battery lasts 9-10 hours… and it’s hot swappable for continuous use.

5.) It’s ruggedized.  IP-66 Certified (dust-tight and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water).

6.) Heavy duty.   Drop-tested up to 2 meters onto concrete

7.) Fit for purpose.  Clips conveniently onto safety helmets and bump caps.

8.) Highly intuitive.  Just say what you see on the screen to navigate the device.

9.) Real momentum.   Over 350 customers are using the device daily as part of their work in less than a year of general availability.

10.) Developer-friendly.  There’s no SDK, making it a snap to migrate your existing apps.  Click here to vote.

Still on the fence?  Watch our latest explainer video!