By sharing stories and best practices of zero-touch computing, we can empower Essential Workers to safely maintain our critical infrastructure during the outbreak.

Since our inception, we believed the HMT-1–which was originally designed and ‘purpose built’ for industrial use–would unlock value in ways we could never imagine, including for coaching, education and even high-speed sailing.

We knew there was more value to unlock in healthcare, but Covid-19 opened our eyes. Like the story at the three hospitals in China to help care for patients that were suffering from pneumonia. Or how fast we were able to do a rapid prototype of an elevated body temperature kit and ship it to our customers overseas using the Flir Pro accessory.

Since late January, we’ve seen a significant spike in demand for our products due to Covid-19. We want to hear from you how you’re using these products.

HMT-1 can be used in the time of COVID-19 for:

We’d love to hear your stories and results and we’ll get the word out. Together we can make a difference.

What’s Your HMT-1 COVID-19 Story?

RealWear’s HMT Platform is a zero-touch head-mounted wearable —100% hands free–that does not ever require touching a touchscreen, potentially avoiding the spread of contamination through hard surfaces such as glass on a handheld. The HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 is fully voice-controlled, ruggedized, water resistant, and fully configurable for a variety of PPE options. To try out the device, we recommend purchasing a validation kit.