HMT Release 10.2 Gives Frontline Workers More Tools To Do Real Work

Diagnose And Fix Problems Faster With Noise Capture Functionality On RealWear Headsets

If you want to improve worker safety and productivity, you need to free your hands.

This has been our focus since we released the voice-operated HMT-1® headset. HMT-1 responds to voice commands with 98% accuracy even when ambient noise reaches 95 dB. This level of sensitivity ensures that workers can always find the right information at the right time, even in extreme conditions.

But there is a flipside to this challenge. Even as we developed sophisticated algorithms for voice recognition and noise cancellation, we recognized that the noise itself is valuable. The noise from a damaged valve or faulty motor can complement a visual inspection and accelerate time to resolution by offering more clues to a machine problem in the field or factory. This added context allows engineers, technicians, and subject matter experts to diagnose problems and offer solutions faster than ever.

Noise Capture: One Challenge Leads to New Opportunities

Today, we are pleased to introduce this new feature at no cost as part of our latest firmware release. NOTE: This is a follow-on update to our largest release to date, HMT Release 10.

When an HMT-1 end user enables Noise Capture Mode by pressing the Action Button, they will be able to record all ambient noise at the moment of need. When Noise Capture is enabled, the HMT microphone can capture:

  • Machinery or equipment noise
  • A nearby person’s speech
  • Any noises from any environment
Noise Capture empowers workers to record the rich soundscape of their environment. When a frontline worker connects with a remote subject matter expert, the expert can see what the worker sees and hear what they hear. This added context allows the expert to diagnose the problem quickly and recommend possible solutions to the frontline worker, improving productivity and efficiency.

Noise cancellation and voice recognition on HMT headsets allow workers to free their hands. And now, Noise Capture gives you another way to improve productivity by resolving problems faster.

Easy as ABC

Noise Capture Mode is just one of the new features in HMT Release 10.2.

Another notable feature is ABC Mode, which is designed to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to finish routine tasks. Now, instead of calling out the NATO code word for each letter, “HOTEL-MIKE-TANGO,” users can simply call out individual letters to spell a word, “R-E-A-L.” You can also continue to use the existing mode of stating the NATO code word for each letter.

ABC Mode is an extension of our “Say What You See” intuitive user experience commitment. Now you can say any word or string of characters as fast as you can spell it.

How To Access All New Features In HMT Release 10.2

HMT Release 10.2.0 is available for users currently running Release 10.0.0 on HMT-1. To access this update on your HMT-1, please go to My Programs > Wireless Update.

The update also includes Android Security Bulletins updates for January, February and March 2019.

The following new features are included in HMT Release 10.2:

  • Updated “Voice Keyboard enables ABC mode” (Speech keyboard optimization)
  • End-User Action Button Control / Noise Capture Mode
  • HMT-1 application (APK) updates
  • Updated language translations
  • General enhancements
  • Configuration updates
  • Release 10 software and firmware bug fixes.

For further details about the update, please reference the Release Notes. If you have any support issues, please contact us via our support web page or email