Spare Battery

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Extra hot swappable Lithium-Ion 3300 mAh batteries can be used to extend HMT-1 operating times in the field. Ideal for heavy users, having additional batteries on hand will alleviate downtime and increase productivity. Available in single or multi packs.


charger 2 in 1

Our certified desktop charging unit is designed to fully charge six HMT-1 batteries simultaneously. This solution is targeted at heavy users, or for multiple shift use where HMT-1 devices are in use continuously. It is shipped with all five regional power adapters in the box.

Battery Wall Charger

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The HMT-1 solution is designed for multiple regions. Regionally certified Battery Wall Charger units are available to support international deployments. These units are optimized for use with the USB type-C charging cable included with each HMT-1 package.

USB-C Charging Cable

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Certified USB Type C Charging Cable optimized for use with RealWear Wall Chargers to recharge the internal battery in the HMT-1.

Hard Hat Clips

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Custom slot clips allow the HMT-1 to securely attach to popular models of hard hats. Three pairs of clear plastic clips are included in each pack. Order the specific clips compatible with your hard hat model.

Bump Cap

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The bump cap has a hard plastic liner, but is not formally certified to head protection standards. It has attachment points with velcro straps for the HMT-1 to ensure proper positioning and all-day comfort. It is suitable for work environments where bump caps or baseball caps are typically worn and hard hats are not required.

Tri-Band Strap

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A tri-band head strap option can be used to secure the HMT-1 for non-helmet use cases. This strap ensures superior fit and positioning of the HMT-1 over a wider range of head sizes and shapes and hair styles.

Overhead Strap

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The standard overhead straps are used to secure HMT-1 without a hard hat or bump cap.

Comfort Pads

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Replacement Rear Comfort Pads attach to the interior band of the HMT-1.

Hearing Protection Headphone

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Noise Reduction Rated (NRR) hearing protection headphones are intended for use in high noise environments. Certified for 33dB NRR, they have replaceable memory foam tips and are designed with custom cable lengths and a right angled 3.5mm audio connector for use with the HMT-1 audio jack.

Ear Bud Foam Tips

ear buds 11

Replaceable memory foam tips, available in 3 different sizes (S/M/L).

Soft Carrying Case

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Designed for users on the go, the RealWear branded Soft Pouch Carrying Case is a fabric bag with drawstring closure suitable for storing your HMT-1 and accessories.

Semi-Rigid Carrying Case

hard case 13 copywebsite

The RealWear branded Semi-Rigid Carrying Case provides additional protection for HMT-1 from the elements, and is ideal for traveling or storing accessories.