Highlights of RealWear Summit 2017

The Productivity of Things for Connected Industrial Workers

January 31, 2017, Devil’s Canyon Brewery, San Carlos, California

Opening Keynote

Hands-free…The Sixth Wave
of Enterprise Computing

How New Hands-free Rugged Devices Will Unlock the Productivity of the Industrial Internet

David Krebs, EVP, VDC Research, practice lead of the connected world of the Industrial Internet of Things at the leading technology market research firm

Featured Reveal

Closing the Last Six-Inch Gap
in the Productivity of Things

World Reveal of the first Head-Mounted Tablet for the Connected Worker

Andy Lowery, CEO, RealWear

Innovation Perspective

Harnessing the Power
of Tacit Knowledge Networks

Unlocking the full promise of collaboration

Chauncey Bell, Partner, Harvester & Co, international expert and author on the design of new skills, processes, and culture of companies that thrive in the era of continuous disruption

Live, hands-free demonstration

Connected Worker
at the Devil’s Canyon Brewery

Brewery ROI – An industrial process environment in microcosm

Chris Garrett, Owner & CEO of Devil’s Canyon Brewery and Sanjay Jhawar, President and CPO of RealWear

Featured Technical Discussion

Say What You See Paradigm

Under the hood of an entirely hands-free interface of the RealWear HMT-1

Dr. Chris Parkinson, CTO and principal engineer of the HMT-1


Crossing the Chasm

The roadmap to truly deployable industrial AR and Industrial Voice Assistants

Sanjay Jhawar, President and CPO, RealWear


Live, hands-free demos of industrial solutions…showcased in an operating brewery

Video collaboration with remote experts and specialists featuring

HPE MyRoom with Garry Orsolini, Director of Technology

Remote Mentor with HPE MyRoom VRG with Garry Orsolini from RealWear on Vimeo.

Video collaboration with remote  specialists

Charlie Neagoy, VP of Business Development, Librestream

Remote Mentor using Librestream’s Onsight – RealWear Summit 2017 from RealWear on Vimeo.

Location and context triggered access to specific parts of technical documents featuring

Sanjay Jhawar, President and Chief Product Officer, RealWear

Document Navigator from RealWear from RealWear on Vimeo.

Voice-enabled completion of interactive forms and checklists featuring

James Woodall, CTO, Intoware

WorkFloPlus by Intoware Demo – RealWear Summit 2017 from RealWear on Vimeo.

Call up, see, and execute complex assembly or maintenance procedures in Augmented Reality.

View live data IIoT feeds from sensors in the location-based context of the industrial environment

Glen Fields, VP of Strategy and Go-To-Market, PTC Thingworx

Enrique Herrera, Market Principal, Connected Services, OSISoft

Data Acquisition Controllers provided by National Instruments

IIoT Data Visualization Demo by PTC Thingworx, OSIsoft and National Instruments from RealWear on Vimeo.

See-for-yourself developer demonstration of voice-enabling existing Android

Dr. Chris Parkinson, CTO, RealWear

RealWear Summit Session – Dr. Chris Parkinson – Voice-ification of Apps from RealWear on Vimeo.

The roadmap to truly deployable Industrial AR and Industrial Voice Assistants

Sanjay Jhawar, President and CPO, RealWear

RealWear Summit Session – Sanjay Jhawar – Cross the Chasm from RealWear on Vimeo.

RealWear Summit 2017 Photos

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