Mobile Forms

Business processes in field work are driven by a multitude of forms, filled out by field workers before, during and after a job. These include inspection and condition reports, maintenance and overhaul records, job safety and hazard analysis checklists, field tickets, photo reports, service orders, meter readings and many more.

Eliminating paper is the first step, and mobile forms applications have been deployed on smart phones and tablets. These allow photo capture as part of the form. However these devices require the use of clean hands and cannot be operated while using tools, wearing gloves or manipulating equipment.

Mobile Forms Challenges

    • Devices unreliable in harsh field conditions
    • Screen can’t be read outdoors
    • Need to put down tools or remove gloves to operate device, going backwards and forwards between the equipment and the device
    • Power save mode constantly blanks the screen, interrupting work


Mobile Forms with a Head Mounted Tablet

Mobile forms applications written in Android can be readily used on the RealWear HMT-1. In many cases an existing forms application that works in landscape format with a simple user interface can be used without change, including photo capture features. Such applications are automatically voice enabled by RealWear’s WearHF user interface, and will benefit from advanced noise cancellation, voice recognition and image stabilized photo capture.

In some cases, mobile forms applications can benefit from light modification by the developer to optimize a user interface for the head mounted tablet. This does not require new APIs; the developer follows a basic style guide for the user interface optimization and continues to use standard Android tools and components. This allows the developer to enhance the responsiveness of their application and even gain access to voice authenticated, two-factor single sign on (SSO) instead of more cumbersome UserID and password login.

RealWear is working with several leading application providers offering mature mobile forms solutions for industrial users on Android devices.

RealWear HMT-1 Solution

  • Hands-free operation streamlines workflow for form completion while doing the job, reducing time taken
  • High quality image capture with 16MP image stabilized camera
  • Advanced noise cancellation and speech recognition for data entry in noisy environments
  • Quicker, voice authenticated, single sign on
  • Screen visible in bright sunlight
  • 12+ hour battery life
  • Fully rugged device